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Branding and Design Services


Always thought of crafting a meaningful, world class brand that imprints the minds of the target audience and earns the loyalty of the customers? A brand that stands out from the competition and yet resonates with the target audience! Achieving this with powerful and cohesive visual designs alone is not possible. Remember building a connected brand requires more than just creative thinking and creative design for a connected brand makes people feel inspired, delighted, reflective, silently understood, and part of something bigger.

To achieve this what you need is a more thoughtful approach of understanding the customers and identifying the emotional differentiators of your brand that connects with the customers and then creating compelling interactive designs and user experiences that gets noticed, used and valued.

At Marketing Penguin, we believe informed creative designs leads to measurable results.

How we can help?

Brand naming:

Whether you need to name a new brand or product, or need to rename an existing brand or company, we work with you to craft a name that’s uniquely yours and yet resonates with the target audience. A great brand name can serve as the linchpin to your cause, a salute to your story, or point of difference in your category and that’s why we follow the proven naming principles of memorability, own-ability, like-ability and relevance. Naming is important for it reflects your character and drives your success. Partner with us for creating:

  • Business names
  • Brand names
  • Naming products & services
  • Campaign or event names

Brand identity:

Whether you're looking to create a new brand from the ground up or update your identity with a fresh redesign, count on us to develop the outward expression of your brand with a visual language that authentically tells its story and reflects the soul of your brand while aligning it to the consumers needs & desires. At Marketing Penguin we help you create:           

  • Brand look & feel
  • Logo, icons & symbols
  • Color palette & typography
  • Brand style guide
  • Package design
  • Marketing materials


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