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The 21st century is marked by rapid and major changes that require a new way of thinking, acting and communicating.

In addition, the purchasing behaviour of customers has also changed. They are more critical in their spending and increasingly use the internet as an information source in selecting their suppliers. Marketing Penguin helps companies to become famous, offline and online, so they can sell more. This requires a different approach to customers.

We offer expert and effective marketing services, to mid-sized B2B and B2C companies that supports them in this overall transformation process or parts of it. You can outsource some activities to us or all of the marketing. We call this ‘MaaS’ - Marketing as a Service.

As a team, we ensure that the issues and opportunities of your company are mapped clearly and addressed successfully. Hence advisers and experts with analytical skills and strategic insights who empathise with your business and are committed to offer custom solutions are assigned as project managers.

With Marketing Penguin at work, you can expect:



  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased sales qualified leads
  • Improved sales conversion
  • Boost in revenue
  • Improved margins
  • Enhanced customer loyalty

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