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Traditionally, the marketing approach has been pushing sales by purchasing databases, bombarding emails and making cold calls to hundreds and thousands of people. Not only is this process resource consuming but also spammy and interruptive. Let's see it from the consumers view:


So what to do and how to achieve the results in a smart way particularly in this digital age where the customers are in control of the information they consume? The answer is simple – by following the proven method of inbound marketing which helps turn strangers into customers and advocates of the business. It’s all about pulling people towards the company and the products with content that helps and supports the people throughout their buying process.

The inbound marketing machine:

As the internet continues to revolutionise how people find, buy, sell and interact with the companies and their products or services the new age of Inbound Marketing is gaining momentum by providing added value and earning customer loyalty. The simple 4 step process of Inbound helps go a long way.

Step One - Attracting traffic:   

Creating and publishing branded content that supports the target audience at every stage of the buying cycle helps attract the right visitors and gets better qualified leads into the sales funnel. Blogs, videos, webinars, infographics, audio, ebook, etc. need to be optimised so that it is found by web users who are actively searching for information. To enhance reach and attract more visitors social sharing and social interactions are encouraged.

Step two – Converting leads:

Making the content searchable and sociable to attract visitors is a precursor to capturing their information. For the visitors to wilfully share their email address, a connection on social media or another form of data that can be a leverage in the future, a remarkable, premium piece of content that they would value has to be on offer.

Step three – Closing customers:

The contact information collected needs to be worked upon to drive sales. While lead scoring helps the sales team prioritize and concentrate on the sales qualified leads, marketing automation helps in nurturing the leads and taking them ahead in the lifecycle stage. 

Step four – Delighting for referals:

Thrilled customers are key to social media marketing, social proof, repeat sales and referrals. So delight the customers and give them a brand, product, service experience that compels them to advocate you in their circle of influence.