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Every day we talk to people who are frustrated with the current value of their traditional marketing approaches, such as direct mail and advertising. They would like to get more leads and sales from online marketing, but do not know how or where to start. In our experience there are three necessary components :
  1. The right content
  2. Knowledge and capacity to execute online marketing
  3. Good marketing automation software

In our service packages we deliver all these elements for our customers. We are an extension of their marketing department or sometimes we are the marketing department. For a fixed monthly fee we guarantee clear objectives on a No Cure We Stay basis. This means that if we do not meet the targets we deliver up to 3 months work for free until the goal has been reached. Ask for the conditions and let us together examine which package best suits your situation. Our basic package starts from 1.000,- Euro per month.

Contact us and learn how Marketing as a Service can bring you clear results without the overhead.