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Strategizing and planning is the focal point for effective execution and successful accomplishment of objectives. At Marketing Penguin we keep tabs on the ever changing consumer behaviour, gain insights into how people interact with and perceive a brand and thus create a flexible strategy which not only compels target markets to listen to what the brand has to say but also to advocate the brands message.

We have access to unique data and insights, and broad experience across digital and traditional channels and platforms. This helps us to construct a strategy with the right mix of channels to ensure implementation of a comprehensive strategic marketing plan that meets the business needs by satisfying the customers.

Why formulate a strategy?

  • Defines the long term goals
  • Lays down the short term milestones
  • Ensures achievement of  each short term milestone helps meet long term goals
  • Lays down a strong foundation for integration of marketing communication, channel synchronization 
  • Helps stay focused on key result areas
  • Aligns all efforts towards achievement of the common goals
  • Acts as benchmark for performance review and improvements
  • A well drafted strategy gives leap frog effect on the path of success.

How can we help?

  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing strategy 
  • Program & campaign strategy
  • Cross channel integration

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