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Public Relations Services

Public Relations whether it be corporate or marketing is without a doubt the most powerful developer of reputations. After all coverage in the media shapes the way that your customers perceive you. Let us take a look at the reason for the choosing PR as a medium for marketing.


Why PR?

  • Creates brand awareness
  • Earns public acceptance
  • Builds, manages and sustains positive images in the eyes of the stakeholders 
  • Helps engages your customers 
  • Gives the extra push at the launch of new products
  • Acts as a fuel to the online SEO
  • Increases social media reach
  • And much more....

Standing out from the competition and building customer loyalty becomes easy when you come across the public as an industry leader.  The influential reputation of the industry leader makes people listen to, believe in and act upon what is being said by the leader. Gaining this position is not easy and making the most of the position is a task in itself. 

This is where Marketing Penguin comes to your help with a thoughtful PR strategy which is an integral part of our inbound marketing. A strategy that first helps you and your company come across as knowledgeable and credible authority in the given field and then make a targeted media pitch.

How we can help?

• PR Strategy
• Press releases & press events
• Editorial visits and interviews
• Inhouse consultancy
• Branded content
• Reputation management and mediatraining
• Online seeding & social media protocol
• Content creation